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What is it?

Harmony Plains Singing School is a week long summer camp unlike anything you have ever seen. It is a church camp but you do not have to be a Primitive Baptist to come. All we do is sing and learn to sing. Elder Barrington put it this way: “The sole purpose of Harmony Plains Singing School is that we may better prepare ourselves to praise our heavenly Father.”


Harmony Plains Singing School is located at Cone, Texas, northeast of Lubbock (click here for map). Go east out of Lubbock on Highway 62/82 and turn north on 207 at Ralls toward Floydada. Cone is about 7 miles down this road. The old school house is on the right at Farm Road 193. Our sign and three flag poles are out front.


Harmony Plains has been blessed with fairly large crowds in recent years. We have had an average of 250-300 students each year for the past several years. We divide classes by age group. The same lessons are taught in each class, but the class is geared towards the learning speed and content for that age level.

Classes include the following:

  • Sunshine
  • Preschool/kindergarten
  • 1st & 2nd
  • 3rd & 4th
  • 5th & 6th
  • Junior high
  • High school/college
  • Adult

Some more experienced adults travel back and forth between the adult class and the high school/college class. The adult class is perfect for those who just love to sing, but don’t know a lot about reading or leading yet.

Our teachers all volunteer their time and effort each summer. Several instructors hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in music as well as teaching. This is not a prideful boast, but a humble thankfulness that the Lord has provided us with knowledgeable instructors.


Harmony Plains does not charge tuition. We run entirely on contributions from students and families. Three meals are provided each day as well as restroom and shower facilities. The Lord has continued to bless us each year with enough contributions to cover our expenses for the week and the balance goes towards the upkeep of the building and grounds.

When is it?

HPSS is always held during the week following the 3rd Sunday in July. This year will be our 55th annual session!

Registration will begin in the afternoon on Sunday, July 15, 2018. Classes start Monday morning the 16th.

HPSS 2018 will end with the evening services Friday, July 20, 2018.

Parents, be ready to accept responsibility for your children at the end of the Friday evening services.


Tent and camper hook-ups are available on both sides of the building. With the great attendance, our campsites are becoming scarce. So before setting up your campsite and taking more than one site, please check with the site committee (Parker Lowrance, Ronnie Fowler, and other appointees). We sometimes have a lot of campers and we don’t want to run out of room. The electrical hookups are 15 amp, and some 30 amp. The plumbing is gray water only (no black water sewerage).

There are two sets of restrooms available in the building and restrooms and shower house available on the south side of the building.

If you have boys that are going to be sleeping in tents, trailers, etc. by themselves THEY MUST CAMP ON THE NORTH SIDE.

If you have girls that are going to be sleeping in tents, trailers, etc. by themselves THEY MUST CAMP ON THE SOUTH SIDE.

Boys’ and girls’ campsites must meet with the approval of the adult counselors. We must know and approve who is sleeping where (boys and girls).

No children should be left without a responsible guardian.


What to bring

You may wish to consider bring the following items:

  • Bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, cots)
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Sweater or jacket (sometimes it gets cold at night)
  • Personal articles (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Flashlight, mosquito repellent
  • Bag for soiled clothes

What not to bring:

  • Audio and/or video entertainment (iPod, radio, CD player, TV, gaming console, handheld games, etc.)
  • Cards, dominoes, or board games
  • Magazines or comic books
  • Musical instruments
  • Walkie-talkies (these interfere with first aide and night watch communications)
  • Etc.

Students: Keep cell phones silent/put away or do not bring.

Clothing and appearance

We expect for all attendees to dress modestly and in a manner that would glorify God. We request that parents attending with their children over 10 years old, please, make sure both yours and your children’s clothing meet the following guidelines: We do not wish to see your backs, shoulders, midriff, cleavage, or legs above the knees whether sitting or standing.

Children 10 and under are exempt from these guidelines. If in question, please leave it at home.

All attendees 10 and over should follow guidelines at all times.


Students, visitors, and staff of Harmony Plains Singing School will be expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner becoming those professing godliness. Inappropriate language or conduct will not be tolerated.

No student is to leave the singing school grounds for any reason except after obtaining permission from their adult counselor and signing out at the desk. Students who will be spending the night at home are required to sign out each night and sign in each morning upon returning to the school.

In order to derive the maximum benefit from attending the singing school, each student will be in class during each session. When it is necessary to miss class in order to perform other duties, each student shall inform his instructor of his necessary absence and when he expects to return to class.

It is our hope and prayer that the true spirit of love will prevail throughout the entire singing school session. Complete cooperation and maximum effort is requested from everyone in order to make this a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone attending.