From the desk of the director of instruction – 2014

Greetings Harmony Plains Singers,

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at Harmony Plains Singing School this summer, July 20st – 25th.
Sonny Lowrance, director of instruction
The Lord willing, we will be recording some singing to complete the 50th anniversary commemorative CD, which was started last year. I am sending a list of songs to look over and practice. Please don’t worry about having to sing all the songs. You can sing the ones you know well enough to record and just listen when we record the ones you are not comfortable with.

Participants will include students from the fifth and sixth grade class through the adult class. Please pray the Lord will meet with us and bless us with the “spirit of singing” and bless our endeavors to comfort and edify the Lord’s people.

In kindly love,

Sonny Lowrance

Old School Hymnal 11th Ed. 12th Ed.

Loving Kindness

35 34

Sweetly Resting

69 66

How Lovely the Place

47 7

Father We Rest

442 450

Fairest Lord Jesus

21 20

Hark, Ten Thousand

32 31

Rock of Ages

54 51
Primitive Baptist Hymnal

O, That I Could Repent


Lord, In the Morning


The Lord Bless You…


Jesus Knows